"Let your light shine."



I offer individual, couples and family counselling to all age groups. I enjoy working with individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Areas of Work:

    •    Substance abuse and addiction (ACOA)
    •    At risk youth
    •    Sexual orientation
    •    Abuse (sexual, physical, emotional, etc.)
    •    Trauma
    •    Depression and anxiety
    •    Multicultural and cross-cultural issues
    •    Couples counselling
    •    Grief and loss
    •    Parenting
    •    Stress in personal and work life


    •    Being more self-aware and learning to love oneself
    •    Learning new skills to help adapt to the changes that come our way
    •    Healing oneself from body, mind, spirit and soul
    •    Healthier relationships and lifestyle for oneself