"Let your light shine."

About Me

I am originally from India, moved to Toronto in my youth with my family. Then in 2013, life led me to yet another new city that I now call home, Vancouver. My grandparents are originally from Iran so I have a very diverse heritage and background. I speak English, Hindi and Gujrati. I hold a Masters of Art degree from Yorkville University and I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor.

In Toronto, I worked and assisted in integrating immigrant youth into their new lives. I helped them in their journey of recognizing themselves through workshops and one-on-one conversations. I have experience in facilitating groups for survivors of sexual abuse and in individual and couples counselling. I also have training in Crisis Intervention and Life Skills.

My own personal experience has helped to shape the person I am and the approach I use in counselling. On my journey, I have learned that being true to oneself is the utmost priority along with taking care of oneself . We are all on a journey to heal and take care of the child within us that is reaching out for love.

In my spare time I enjoy solving puzzles, going for hikes, trying new recipes and spending time with my loved ones.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi.

My approach to counselling integrates several methods depending on individual needs. I strongly believe that not one definition fits all; we are all unique individuals and heal differently. I stand by three strong proponents: which are non-judgemental attitude, congruence and unconditional positive regard. I do a lot of inner child work with clients who have been through trauma, helping one discover their true inner genuine self that needs to be taken care of and loved.

I am present for the individual; hear what they have to say and along with them go through the different emotions, feelings and values that arise for them in the journey of self-discovery. There are various layers to a story that one has to go through slowly, go back in time through the emotional time machine in a safe environment. Recognizing the strength of coming out and telling your story. I draw from the strengths and the resources the individual has within themselves.  I hope to work with you and help you in the journey of self-awareness. To discover the inner child needs that is waiting to be healed.